My bedroom, my sanctuary


My bedroom is my sanctuary. At the end of the day I count on this room to be free of visual chaos and clutter so that I can relax, collect my thoughts and most importantly, rest. Lately, my room has felt much less than a sanctuary. Sometimes this seems like an absolutely impossible feat, so I remind myself to start small.

My bedside table is where I began.
I needed a place to put my jewelry, a book or magazine to flip through, and some lotion and chap stick. You know the drill. This combination was destined to look pretty chaotic if I had just heaped it all on there, so I had to put some thought into it. I tried to whittle my needs down in my mind, but of course that never really works, after all, a girl needs what a girl needs.

As soon as I felt the dejavu, I realized there was a very simple solution. I would solve this chaotic crisis the same way I solved the TV remotes and magazine mess that makes me neurotic - I found a tray.

The tray in the picture above is only a little bigger than a salad plate with a nice inlaid mirror to contain all the little things that would have inevitably rolled away and wound up under my bed. There was no way of omitting an alarm clock but because my books took up a large amount of space, the best solution was a pretty petite travel alarm that could sit atop my stack of reading.

I am very happy with the result and the bottom line from a design standpoint would be: contain the chaos and get creative!


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