Emily Post's Etiquette book, in blue.


It has been alleged, by unnamed persons, that I purchase my household goods/needs based on color & design. Everything from Kleenex boxes, my iPhone cover - even the scissors on my desk.

This is my defense: I am charged with the duty of keeping our house stocked with necessities, I cannot be faulted if I'm drawn to...a certain color palette, allegedly, of course.

Last week when I was browsing the book section at Costco, this leapt out at me! I know, surprise. I had to walk down the aisle, you know, just in case I needed it. Turns out, it was a book I have wanted for years but I wasn't ever sure how it related to my life.

Emily Post's Etiquette book, in blue. Bonus.

Now that I am in my thirties and in charge of teaching said etiquette to my children - this book naturally fell into the "necessities" category and so, was quickly placed in my cart for checkout.

With the torrent of holiday parties that will soon be filling our calendars, it is the perfect time to pull out some helpful etiquette tips.

Look forward to "Mind your manners" week!

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