Birthday Wisdom (re-post)


There are many envelopes in Fresh Outtakes baby albums. One particular envelope is on the "first birthday" page. When I was making this line of albums I was so excited for this envelope because I wanted to make the first birthday milestone really special, with a letter to my child.

I had grand ideas for that letter. I wanted it to be special, to tell her of how her personality had developed, about the fun we had together over the year and much more. I'm certain that many moms can relate to that, however, life had other plans. Our daughter had been been very sick with acid reflux and an undiagnosed milk allergy for the first year. She was quite simply, miserable. She was in pain and our time together was not "dreamy" for either of us.

I couldn't possibly write her that special letter because I felt like I didn’t yet know her true personality. So rather than chronicle such a tough year or worse, try to fake it, I decided to do something different. At her birthday party I cut up pieces of paper and gave each of our family and friends a pen.

Our daughter was born just two months after my grandpa had passed away – a man who I loved so dearly and who I felt had so much wisdom from growing up in a time so different than my own. I decided that I wanted her to have a little piece of wisdom from the friends and family who could offer that.

Everyone was thrilled to participate and I loved reading through those pieces of paper at the end of the night. Each had a unique sentiment or a heartfelt piece of advice that was based on years of experience, knowledge, love, and heartache.

Now, I can't imagine a better use for that envelope!


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