Fall, where are you?


Our fall here in the Pacific Northwest has been greatly delayed by beautiful summer weather. While I love the 70 degree weather, I have also been dying for fall to arrive.
Fortunately, someone had forgotten to water the summer planters during our warm fall weather, so I didn't have any guilt replacing the 'gonners' with a few inexpensive fall plants. 
Mums, cabbage, a few groundcover and tiny pumpkins & gourds from Safeway did the trick! 
I feel like I have to defend the black cat - it reminds me of that song we all grew up with - "one of these things is doin' their own thing...one of these things just doesn't belong".  My explanation is that the kids got so excited when they saw pumpkins that they begged for that darn black cat that I deny them every year.
They don't yet associate pumpkins with Starbucks pumpkin spice latte like I do, so I had to eventually give in.
The owls? They were my indulgence. What can I say? I caught the fever!
Fall has arrived!

Chicken noodle soup & friendship



I am hanging on by a thread. I have a crushing head cold. My throat is raw, I can't sleep and I can't take any medicine. Ouch.

My son says that I now have the perfect "droid" voice and keeps asking me to say "roger, roger" really fast. I do it for him, but I am in pain.

I haven't been answering the phone because my voice is ridiculously unrecognizable, but when my favorite funny gal-pal called, I had to answer. Duh. I needed a laugh (even though that hurts too).

Within 30 minutes, chicken noodle soup, a fresh loaf of bread and a bag of oyster crackers were knocking at my door. That's friendship. Thank you Linds!

The last few months have really kicked me around and I haven't stood still for awhile. Being sick this week has helped me to slow down, to remember how lucky I am for all of my amazing and supportive friends & family. Sure I'm sick, and I have some worries, but all in all I am a lucky girl.
by mlekoshi