Chicken noodle soup & friendship



I am hanging on by a thread. I have a crushing head cold. My throat is raw, I can't sleep and I can't take any medicine. Ouch.

My son says that I now have the perfect "droid" voice and keeps asking me to say "roger, roger" really fast. I do it for him, but I am in pain.

I haven't been answering the phone because my voice is ridiculously unrecognizable, but when my favorite funny gal-pal called, I had to answer. Duh. I needed a laugh (even though that hurts too).

Within 30 minutes, chicken noodle soup, a fresh loaf of bread and a bag of oyster crackers were knocking at my door. That's friendship. Thank you Linds!

The last few months have really kicked me around and I haven't stood still for awhile. Being sick this week has helped me to slow down, to remember how lucky I am for all of my amazing and supportive friends & family. Sure I'm sick, and I have some worries, but all in all I am a lucky girl.

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