Celebrating an unfamiliar Christmas...


There is nothing ordinary or familiar about this Christmas for me.

This will be the first Christmas without my dad, who I used to talk to daily, hug at least weekly and look forward to sneaking off with to a quiet room for a giggle during the holiday get-togethers.

In my family Christmastime has always been a time for traditions, familiar faces, decorations and familiar sounds. After such a tremendous loss, my focus and frame of mind has shifted to say the least. I find myself thinking, "why not?" a lot of the time. Sometimes, I find myself asking "why?" as well.

This year didn't stand a chance of feeling normal anyway, so I decided to apply "why not?" to my usually traditional Christmas routine. This is my way of celebrating an unfamiliar Christmas and trying to make it my own.
Photo courtesy of Julia Bobrov
Like many parents, I'm guilty of trying to overachieve the Christmas experience by cramming in activities that are in reality, hit-or-miss with my kids. This year I asked myself, "why?"  I just want to hug & kiss my kids, hold them tight, snuggle up with movies and let them play and have fun at home.
So that's exactly what we're doing this year. We're watching old movies, playing bingo, building forts and enjoying time with each other. Everyone is warm, there's plenty of food and there's no traffic at all.  
For the first time in my life, I have chosen to deviate from the traditional red & green decorations on our tree. I decided that I want the "big tree" all to myself to finally decorate the way I've wanted to for years. Blue.

I love my blue Christmas tree, with sea life ornaments to boot! It makes me happy. It's that simple.
The next sort-of big change for me, is my Christmas playlist. I love putting together different variations every year and then wearing out my poor family by putting my playlist on a loop for hours. Hahaha (I'm probably the only one laughing here). I figured if I have a blue Christmas tree, then why shouldn't I have a little reggae music in the mix?

Here is my 2012 playlist, in case you too are having an unfamiliar Christmas!

Christmas Day  ::  Dido
I Saw Three Ships  ::  Sting
The Little Drummer Boy  ::  Sean Kingston
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer  ::  Jack Johnson
No Christmas For Me  ::  Zee Avi
Underneath the Mistletoe  ::  Blondfire
Someday At Christmas  ::  Jack Johnson
All My Bells Are Ringing  ::  Lenka
I Want You For Christmas  ::  Cheap Trick

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