Before & After | log cabin to beach house


I'm not much of a DIY'er, but I admit, I'm a sucker for a good before and after project, especially if it involves spray paint.
Before and afters are my favorite blog posts, pinterest pins and I can't stand it when the before/after project is documented in long form...meaning I have to wait! One of my favorite boards, aptly named "crafty" on Pinterest is overflowing with before and after projects.

Clearly there is a quiet obsession lurking somewhere in my subconscious. It was bound to come out this summer, given that the kids are out of school and we have slid nicely into the "summer schedule" (more like a crash landing of sleeping in and wearing our bathing suits 'round the clock). There's plenty of down time, a McLendons hardware located way too close to our house and a Ben Franklin within walking distance. It's a powder keg.

I loved the idea of the log cabin at first and I was happy for the kids to have somewhere to play and imagine (or maybe get out of my hair for a minute!), but the colors were just grinding on my nerves from the very second we put it in the yard. The lack of a single sleeping bag combined with our obscene bathing suit and beach towel collection might tip someone off that we may be more of a 'beach people' than log cabin people.

Luckily, Krylon makes a brilliant spraypaint that adheres to plastic and can be found in many colors. It's called "Fusion" for plastic and best of all, it dries within 15 minutes. Along with my gold acrylic professional spray paint by Montana.cans in "Malachite Light", this log cabin was history!

And in was the process. A hot 86 degree day made the water dry fast and the paint dry even faster - perfect for the impatient.
Thumbs up for our first before and after of the summer!


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