July 4th recap


This year we were surprised and excited to be invited by close friends to drive down to their beach home in Ocean City, Washington, for the July 4th celebration on the ocean! As if spending the holiday with friends wasn't good enough, we also scored some of the most beautiful and unexpected weather conditions! 
We (the adults) took a quick look outside and tried to drink it all in as fast as we could -  by 8 am on July 4th, my friend and I were already staring down the barrel at many, many pairs of excited eyes.  Despite the fact that our kids see each other every week at least twice, they were counting the minutes to reunite, and plot their coup d'état.
We were outnumbered 7 to 4.
It was hopeless.
So off we went. To be tourists (in our own state) and to have F.U.N.
We did the traditional things like visiting the firework stand and buying way too many explosives (courtesy of our over generous hosts). We went to the tourist-y but infamous "Shark Store" for shark tooth necklaces and then to the t-shirt shop for matching souvenir sweatshirts. Then we headed back home to run through the sand dunes and count the minutes until dark!
While the kids ran along the wrap around deck and hid in the tall grasses waiting for the sun to go down, we enjoyed the view.

Finally, sunset.
It was an amazing firework display and I know our kids will never forget this fourth of July at the beach house.
There are many days I go to bed wondering how I will ever have the energy to get up the next day because 'my people' exhaust me so. But in reality, their innocent excitement and persistant nagging to do something fun every day is what keeps me going. July 4th recap reminded me of this little fact.
As I write this, I am grateful for my friends and family, my health, and a wonderful trip that leaves amazing memories!
Thank you  K & D and especially P & C, for a memory making July 4th!
Now...to document using my favorite book maker, Blurb.



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