Potty word photoshoot


Potty word photoshoot. That's what I call it. Yes, it's vulgar and inappropriate, but it gets me the money shot.

Yesterday I wanted to change out our family photo wall but I didn't have 'the' picture I wanted of my most mischievous of the three. Let me clarify, I had plenty of photos of her with obnoxious poses or ridiculous 'glitterati' outfits, but not the kind of photo I want to see on a daily basis.

Summer photos are my favorite since our winter and spring are so long and soggy in Seattle. It's the summer photos of healthy, happy, tanned kids that get me through the dreary months.

Hence, the potty word photoshoot. Anyone with kids knows that from about 4 years old, potty words are inevitable, annoying and usually result in uncontrollable giggles. Our house rules forbid potty words (as if a rule can really vanquish a childs desire to whisper, blurt or giggle-spit out these super hilarious words). So, I use it to my advantage when I take pictures of my kids.

I use potty words. It shocks them. They look at each other as if they are holding their breath and their look says 'can you believe what she said?' Then they either collapse in hysterics, or I get the money shot. When my tactics are successful I feel like I have conquered them and their annoying potty word habit.

There is a bit of work ahead to reign them in after a photoshoot like this, but over the years they've learned...it does have to come to an end. Eventually. Usually two days later it dissipates, but I still got the money shot.

In the end, I win.

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