Chocolate Chip Cookie Coma


Just push the 12 pound weight gain out of your mind, and put yourself into a chocolate chip cookie coma. I did.

I have to give credit where it is due...I stumbled on this amazing recipe from "Savory Sweet Life" blog. Since then, I've officially been told by my family to STOP making them and I'm getting threatening late night texts from friends that I sent home with Ziploc's of these addictive cookies. I also noticed last night a new suspicious stain on my white couch right about where my hubby sits every night. Caught!

Ok, ok, on to it. Here's the original recipe article:

I couldn't help myself and amended my recipe just slightly by adding 1 1/2 cups of rice crispies (and by sheer laziness did not weigh my flour because that would have required me to go buy a scale - not happenin'). I have a friend who amended hers by adding almond slivers and just a touch of almond extract - those were also delicious.

If you want to print this recipe go ahead and click on the link below! Enjoy and thank you Savory Sweet Life!

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