Visiting Roslyn, Washington


Roslyn Candy Company. We struck gold.
I guarantee that if you live in the Seattle area, and you’ve waited 9 or so soggy, foggy and sometimes dreary, depressing months to get to summer… you aren’t leaving the state. Once summer arrives, a herd of wild animals couldn’t drag me out of state. It’s the most awesome season to stay local.
Our summer (and if I were honest, our fall too) is pretty amazing. I love our hot summer days at the pool or at the lake, warm evenings and for Pete’s sake, the end to relentless frizzy hair! Even if it’s only until mid-September, it’s worth waiting for.  Summer is the time of year when my appreciation for staying home with our gaggle of kids is at an all-time high.

Before I go on though, I have to clear the air -
I don’t think I’m alone in saying this, but in our house the technology tornado is just completely out of control. I-pad, I-pod, X-box, DS…I swear if one more product finds its way into my house that starts with a letter, followed by a hyphen, I am gonna wind up on the news - and not in a good way. I shock myself at how resistant I'm becoming to technology, and summer just brings me to full tilt. I wait ALL year for summer! We are NOT playing video games! (that’s for the other 9 months kids)
So there's how the day went. We were off to meet friends at the zoo, in a car devoid of television (because I'm too cheap for that kind of car), confiscated DS’s (because I'm sick and tired of breaking up fights) and me at the wheel, hell bent on having a good time. In the sun. At the zoo. Woohoo!
Closed. The zoo was closed. Because it was Tuesday.  Friend and I look at each other. (ex*ple*tive)
Me:  (blink, blink) ...let’s just drive.
Friend: (shoulder shrug) It’s a good day for an adventure
Me: (shoulder shrug, palms up) Since we’re so close, let’s just head east over the pass
Friend: Let’s go!
We kind of laughed, ignoring the annoying groans from the backseat and got out the map. Map? Yes, the big old, take up the whole car from passenger window to drivers right shoulder, map. Ha! (eye roll from the backseat...whisper, whisper...'hey, what is that thing?' )  I rest my case.
Me: read the cities!
Friend: Snoqualmie, North Bend, Easton, Hyak, Snoqualmie Pass, Roslyn, CleElum…
Me: Roslyn! It’s awesome there…don’t you remember “Northern Exposure”
Friend: We’re old.
Me: Yep. And this will be awesome.
And it was. Because we're old school. 
I almost died when I saw this enormous selection at Roslyn Candy Company. Thanks, I'll take one of each.
Sugar. High.
Despite their best efforts to scoff at our adventure, our kids had a blast! Extracting them at 7 pm was touch and go. I'm not gonna lie, there were tears. All of us had a great day and a great adventure.
Roslyn reminds me a little bit of a sleepy old ghost town. It isn’t a ghost town but rather an old coal mining town which is just as cool. The buildings are old, the history is remarkable and fun to read and overall, the town has done an amazing job of keeping a cohesive look that I haven't seen duplicated. The people are incredibly friendly, the antique stores offer truly unique treasures and the coffee and candy on our trip couldn’t be beat. It was worth the trip and absolutely worth sharing.

Thanks Roslyn for the great summer memories!

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