Handmade Halloween! Whoo! Whoo!


 "Can you make me a snow owl? And can I have a baby snow owl too?"
Here goes to another handmade costume. Made of fleece and felt from JoAnn Fabric, these were two very warm kiddos out trick-or-treating.

I saw amazing owl costumes on Pinterest of course, then followed the links to here and here. At first, I was SO intimidated, but in reality this was the easiest outfit I have ever made. 
Here's how I did it:
I measured my child's arm length and cut a wing shape out of fleece. Then I took my pre-cut (I cut all the feathers while watching tv the night before) felt feathers and layered them one at a time, no particular pattern. I ran a simple straight stitch, and repeated, over and over and over. Here is what it looked like: (pardon the blurry Iphone photos)


Once I was done with the wings I moved onto the hats.  I cut the hat shape out of fleece so that it would stretch, but used a combination of fleece and felt for the eyes and nose. I sewed on the larger part of the eyes but used a hot glue gun for the pupils and nose.

For my daughters costume I made her a sleeveless shirt out of felt. The felt is so stiff that it helped to hold the weight of the wings. I also quickly sewed in a loop of elastic at the elbow point and wrist and made about a 6" stitch on the collar of the felt shirt for each wing. It seemed to work perfectly.

For my picky toddler I sewed the wings onto a simple t-shirt from Target. It got the job done!

by mlekoshi