Clarity in the fog


Winter weather in the Pacific Northwest is in some ways predictable, and in a lot of ways, not. Maybe consistent is the word - as in, consistently unpredictable. This morning was one of those mornings. It was exceptionally chilly and the fog was really, really thick. 

I forced myself out for a morning walk (some days are harder than others) but today the fog made my outing a little more fun than I expected. It seemed to have a way of drowning out the noise, making me forget the tasks and timelines that sometimes steal away my ability to simply enjoy the moment. My little guy was strapped into his stroller inside a cozy sleeping bag as usual, enjoying a bottle and smooth ride that is the comfort of the BOB. 
Everywhere I looked seemed peaceful and worth a quiet gaze. Ducks, seagulls, a very calm Lake Washington and the absolutely pristine air that I take for granted here in the Pacific Northwest. 

So many thoughts flew across my mind in an unusual moment of gratitude and clarity right then. 

Life is good, and I am lucky. I am very, very lucky.

As fast as it came, there it went.

My peaceful moment of clarity was ear piercingly shattered by an excited squeal and wild thrashing coming from my stroller. I snapped back into reality like a rubber band to the wrist.


Once I let my "little dear" out of his harness, I spent the next hour chasing him, catching him and basically all things relating to keeping a toddler amused but alive at the lake. 

It was fun and it was exhausting, but I am grateful to have had that moment of clarity this morning, however fast it came and went. 

Yep, life is good. And I am lucky.

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