Coastal fun at Seabrook


I had heard rumors that Seabrook was a gorgeous place to visit along the Washington coast and I always had a tiny twinge of envy whenever I saw someone proudly wearing a Seabrook sweatshirt or a little playdate pal mentioning that they had a weekend getaway at this mythical place. I had made a mental note to try to get there, to see for myself if it truly lived up to its fast growing reputation. Finally! We were able to take our family on a little get away and it was my pick for the destination. Little did I know, the Seabrook community of beach cabins was absolutely picturesque!

We scored huge by renting a petite little cabin on a sort-of 'beach cul-de-sac'. All of the cabins wore weathered wood shingles, each with its own distinct door color and cabin name. Ours was named the "Beach Wave". It was adorable!  I was pumped when I saw our bright aqua door and adirondack chair on the front porch. It was a small space mind you, but a very smart layout complete with new appliances, firm beds with cozy comforters and fresh linens. There was a queen size in the master, two twin beds up in the loft and a pull out couch. But the best was yet to come as we opened the back door...

To our surprise, every cabin had its own deck (privacy screened) and a hot tub! Clothes went flying. That's all I'm going to say. 

As if that wasn't enough, after we settled in we realized that our cul-de-sac included a bonfire pit, dry cut wood and surround seating for all at the "beach camp".
Even after a long drive to get here, just the sight of this quaint little beach town and the smell of the salt water seemed to wash away all the stress of the weeks past. It sounds corny, but its true. It felt like we were worlds away from all the schedules, rushing around, chore lists and all the other things that make us feel bogged down. I had found my little slice of heaven and I finally can say that Seabrook actually lives up to the hype. 

Surprisingly, the community had a ton more amenities than I had even realized. There was a huge pool, shuffle boards, scheduled games, kids arts center, bike rentals, 'the salty dog' for pets, a town grocery store *with espresso* and even a restaurant that can deliver! Ha. 

Best of all however, was this piece of expansive beach. We breathed deep, soaked it all in and in the end, we bought the sweatshirt - and I wear it with pride, because now I am part of that group of people that knows that, Seabrook, is no myth. 
Seabrook, Washington
* (this is not a paid endorsement, just a worthwhile share) *

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