Happy New Year!


Out of the ordinary for us, we decided to host a New Years Eve get together....scary. It's not our style at all because it always sounds too stressful - expectations, decorations, what food to serve and how to put it out so that it looks like we tried. Ughhhhh.
However, as we discovered after we finished whining and worrying was that if we just acted like adults for a second it really didn't have to be stressful. The recipe for success as we all know is two fold: good food & great friends. And a few other little details to make it 'look good'.
We stuck to an oldie but goody for our late night menu: meat and cheese and a few fun snacks. Salami, prosciutto, rosemary crackers, specialty olives and fruit did the trick. We kept it really simple and served up smores for dessert.

The 'Plaid Feast' as our son named it.
We pulled this look together with patterns, textures and odds and ends that everybody has laying around their house and I'm not afraid to toot our own horn and say I think it turned out awesome!
An ill-fitting table cloth and a remnant of flannel fabric thrown on the table and adorned with fresh green branches cut straight from our yard (in frigid weather and carefully selected by our kids). A few inexpensive votives snuggled up to some glassware created a really romantic and inviting look too. We added a couple of unexpected elements like the vintage suitcase to showcase the wine bottles and a few old frames to hold New Years suggestions that turned out to be conversation starters.
In the background there is a wood wall - or is there? Ha! Nope. Two sheets of thin wood staple gunned to the wall made it look like we were truly at the cabin for New Years. Thanks Heather at Real Card Studio!
It was a lot of fun transforming our house and filling it with great friends, good food, laughs and a ton of little kids trying to stay awake until midnight!
Happy 2015!

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