Snow day!


Snow Day!

Well, not really. If you live here in the Pacific Northwest then you already know that we are pretty short on snow - and if you don't ski or hike, you're not likely to see snow this year. Sadly, our kids LOVE the snow. We all do. It's magical and because we rarely see much of it, when it does snow we all lose our minds and scramble out the door to enjoy it before it disappears.

This year, we had to get proactive and go find the snow.

Here's a photo journal of our amazing snow day at Lake Kachess!

So, so cool to see the snowballs floating around instead of melting. Also slightly harrowing to keep this toddler from landing in the lake! All we heard from our non-talker was "more! more! more!"

Happy, happy kids. 

If you have a great place to take smaller children to enjoy the limited supply of snow, please share! We are always excited for a new adventure.
by mlekoshi