Through a child's eyes


Like many parents, I love trying to teach my kids the things that I'm passionate about, secretly hoping that maybe they will be passionate about it too one day. I hope that we will have something to enjoy together beyond genetics.

When our littlest one was to be baptized a few months ago, everybody that I trusted to capture the moment was out of town! I told myself not to worry, that it's not the end of the world. But I was really deflated. It was such a special day, a day that we had been preparing for at church and had been sharing the journey with our older children. I really wanted to capture this moment with our last child, to get just one nice photo that spoke to the innocence of our son, and that celebrated the holy sacrament of his baptism.

So, I did the only thing I could. I gave my camera to our oldest. He's 10, and he has practiced photography with me many times.

The church was pretty dark, so I put the 50mm lens on and told him that the focal point was set to center. He shot all of these images in manual mode. No kidding. Like a little hummingbird, he quietly fluttered around us, careful not to interrupt the ceremony.

When I finally got the chance to look through his photos, they took my breath away. They are heavenly. His composition puzzled me at first, until I realized that this was what his brother's baptism looked like to him.

This is what it looked like through a child's eyes.
I had only the hope to get a single photo from the day. 

Instead, our son gave us the priceless gift of seeing his brothers baptism through a child's eyes.

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