We got the flu this week, together.
It was a week from hell... you can imagine.

As we nursed each other through painful coughing fits, sweat drenched fevers and overall body breaking aches, we learned some things about one another.

We learned that we are both afraid of being sick because we both hate feeling out of control.
We each tried to hide this little fact...until we couldn't.
We both have a hard time letting others help us, even our own mom.
We are both embarrassed of showing fear because we think fear is weakness.
We trust each other.
We are more gentle than people think, especially with one another.

This week, she trusted me to take care of her through the flu, again.
This week, I had to let her take care of me too.

I looked back at this experience, shaking my head at all the madness and chaos and asked myself what in the world could the silver lining be of this week?

I had my answer as soon as I asked the question.
Our young family pulled together like a tightly wound team of champion sled dogs.
We have a "village" that made sure we had everything we needed.
We have health insurance and prescription medicine just a pharmacy visit away.

For me, personally, what I discovered is that I am grateful for this brave and gentle little girl.
I am so glad this horrible week is over, but mostly, I am happy that we are even closer than we were before. And that is surely a silver lining.
by mlekoshi