Alone time & "keepers"


Alone time. We all need it, regardless of our age, our circumstance or our station in life.
For me, this week has been testing my patience at every front. Our toddler has a virus that is kicking his little buns, our older kids are having school fatigue that manifests itself in bickering and snotty looks, our house is torn apart as we try to find a flooring solution (a whole 'nother story no thanks to toxic wood from an unnamed massive wood flooring supplier) and the hubs and I are just worn down.

Today, though challenged again, I am grateful that I was able to take off last night for some much needed alone time. I grabbed a coffee, good music and drove to the salt water. Salt water cures all I swear. I can still smell it. I was lucky to get to enjoy an amazing PNW sunset, alone with my (uninterrupted) thoughts at the Mukilteo Ferry Docks.

As I walked back to my car to start heading home, this sign on the keepers house struck me.
It's not as if its unique in any way - anybody whose seen a lighthouse has seen the 'keepers house', but when I saw it it made me smirk and I heard myself say "hmph - aren't we all" (you know like a crazy person).

I regained my composure (silencing the crazy), but then I started to think on that somewhat sarcastic sentiment, and you know what? We are all "keepers". It resonated with me because I have children and as any parent knows, we are keepers - we are responsible for their safety, their health, their bright shining souls - just as a keeper of a lighthouse.

And, while I say that as a parent it resonated, I thought further on that, and as school has been nearing an end I have had an overwhelming emotion that I'm trying to figure out how to express for our teachers. We (my husband and I) are super blessed to have our kids being taught and cared for by some of the most thoughtful, compassionate and truly wonderful people. We are all "keepers".

Who else (if there's anybody out there :) do you consider to be a "keeper"? 
Or what do you consider yourself to be a "keeper" of?

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