Beach combing at low tide


Do you think they were having fun? People probably thought this was their first time at a beach...especially wearing their BOGS boots - but it was one of our low tide days on the Puget Sound and barnacles can be sharp!

Watching these two time their jumps and help one another across slippery barnacled rocks at low tide made me feel hopeful. The night before had been rough with fighting and misunderstandings. We decided that it was time for a little love and respect refresher for our kiddos who used to roll around on the ground together giggling uncontrollably. 

Today was one of a few low tide days of -.7 (not as remarkable as -2 or -3 but still a great day to explore). We spent the day at the Mukilteo Lighthouse Beach, carefully lifting rocks to see who was living beneath. Today's treasures included multiple sea anenome, star fish, crabs, hermit crabs, fish and some 'unknowns". These three were having a serious meeting of the minds over something that had attached itself to a rock and kind of looked like a prehistoric bug.  In the little tide pool we found some hermit crabs, one of which was so tiny I mistook it for a pebble!

With the ferry terminal just north of the beach there was a consistent set of waves to splash around in. It was absolutely serene. Today was so easy to pack and plan for - SPF 50 (it was 90 degrees), a few towels, a tidal pool field guide and shoes that could go in the water. We limited ourselves to 3 hours to avoid any toddler meltdowns and kept everyone hydrated. It was so easy.

I can't lie, getting these guys out of the water and off the beach to go home was pretty rough. 
This day is going to be a hard one to beat!

Useful links to plan a beach combing day like this:

Tide chart for Puget Sound:

Download a tidal pool field guide here:

Have fun!

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