Wild and Free


One would think he had been caged up for the last week the way he tore down the beach with an endless amount of energy, wild and free! I would love to know what was playing in his mind - or maybe it was nothing at all. Maybe the unbridled joy of having such an immense amount of space to be free was the fuel that propelled him one mile down and one mile back screaming with delight.

I saw his little body slow down to a stop as he began to take notice of his surroundings. I saw him huff and puff and take in big, deep breaths of ocean air. He followed the flight of the birds around him and eventually came down to earth as he realized the sound of the waves crashing beside him.

We probably all need this kind of morning. A vast space of calm to be alone in before the world wakes up and our minds take over. Despite our age or our positions in life, we all deserve to run wild, to explore the world around us and to preserve the balance in our lives. 

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by mlekoshi