Getting back to basics


This summer I feel like I'm constantly battling my kids about screen time. I find myself calling them to a meeting point and just staring at them with my arms out to my sides with the look that says:

"what is up with you guys?" 

They of course think I am:
* Nuts
* Mean
* Old

Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not. Maybe, I want my kids to be creative and not just little iBrats. (sorry Apple) So, I challenged them. Figure out something to do, something that doesn't require batteries or electricity.

Finally. They just needed a towel and a little imagination.

Does anyone else feel this way? Somebody asked me the other day what were the essential things that made a great summer from my childhood. My answer was:
* a hose
* a rope
* a bike
* a skateboard
* a popsicle

We were the generation that watched MacGyver. That guy could make a bomb out of a tampon and some chewing gum and never mess up his mullet. If we couldn't figure out how to have fun in the summertime...there was something wrong with us. We just didn't have elaborate needs.

All I hear around here in whiny desperate voices is "where's my charger?"
I wanna hand them a glass of orange juice and respond 'charge up baby, because I'm kicking you outside'.

MacGyver. Channel your inner MacGyver. Who's with me?
by mlekoshi