There is always purpose...


All of the cliches about motherhood exist for one reason. Because they're true.
It is amazing and wonderful. 
It is also painfully redundant and many times unsatisfying.

I want a sign above my door that reads:

"Welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department"

The truth is that some days I wanna punch myself in the face. I want to wear my noise cancelling headphones throughout the ENTIRE day, and sometimes when I look at the clock in the morning my first thought is to calculate how much longer until they go back to bed. 

Don't judge me.

As fast as I write those painfully honest words (and expose myself to massive criticism), I smile thinking about the 20 minutes I spent sharpening pencils with my little man today. He probably peed his diaper when he heard the 'roar' of the pencil sharpener for the first time and I am proud to say that I am responsible for bringing that much excitement to his life.

We spent 20 minutes sharpening every last pencil in the tin for big brother and big sister. He was pumped. He was squealing, screaming, gasping with excitement and got quite bossy telling me that I could NOT help. 
"Mine. Yots and yots!"
(lots and lots of pencils)

So, I watched and took pictures to document his first ever pencil sharpening moment. It was fun, and sweet and reminded me that even in the smallest moments there is purpose for me being here. I am teaching him, encouraging him and stepping back to give him the independence he craves. We are together, and I am so very lucky to get to be with this sweet boy, kissing him and squeezing those chubby little legs every single day.

Even after 3 kids, I am reminded on days like these that although the "amazing moments" are usually outnumbered by "those other moments", there is still purpose. There will always be ridiculously simple moments like sharpening pencils, to remind me that there is purpose in what I'm doing here as a mom.

There is always purpose.

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