This sight gets me a little emotional. Not because he's oh so cute (well...) but because during the holidays it seems to be my instinct to reflect. Like a migrating bird that flies to a new destination, my mind starts to take stock of our life.

It seems like yesterday we were trying to survive a year long layoff, before the flood of layoffs that occurred all over our country - we were one of the first. It felt so shameful and so hopeless at times. It's a feeling that will forever be etched on my heart, a feeling I wouldn't wish on anyone - the struggle, and with kids...during the holidays. Ugh.

So when I look at this little guy, wrapped in a cozy blanket I feel overwhelmed with gratitude. Our drafty windows are just a reminder that we have a home. Our shared bedrooms are one of the reasons our kids share an unspoken language. A whole chicken will forever look like dinner and soup the next day because I learned how to stretch every, single bit of food we had. And when the kids come to visit and innocently ask "where's all your stuff?" reminds me how truly thankful I am that we have all that we need.

by mlekoshi