First snowshoes!


Not all firsts are baby steps and losing teeth. Those moments were so precious to me especially when it was my first child, but as our family grew and our son was growing up fast - there were plenty of other 'firsts' that I wanted to remember.

For that reason I designed Fresh Outtakes baby albums to let us document more personal milestones like this one, his first snowshoes! The albums also were intended to take parents up to at least 5 years worth of birthdays, early school years and many other moments and milestones.

I hope that other people are enjoying documenting the 'firsts' that are meaningful to them. I'd love to hear some feedback of your favorite moments to document!

I've put a ton of ours on instagram @freshouttakes if you'd like to take a peek!

Color coded towels, my secret weapon


Any mom with 5 kids has a playbook I wanna see. After tripping over yet another soaking wet towel left on the floor, I thought of my pal who bought each of her boys different colored towels to figure out who the slob was.

Now, I'm battling the pre-teen slob. Or is it the girly girl who can't be bothered to hang up her own clothes or towel? I'm not sure, so I'm borrowing that brilliance above and I've created the best 'trojan horse' gift for my kids...color coded towels. 

<insert maniacal laugh here >

I started with these adorable little hooks I found by accident at Target (as if there's any accident about being at Target, pshaw).
One animal for each kiddo. Next, selecting ribbon to sew into a loop for the hanging. Thanks to Ben Franklin's pay by the yard I could grab a slough and make my decision peacefully at home.

 * I gave each child their own ribbon color, neatly sewn onto the towels.* 

A permanent identification card if you will. 

This took all of about 15 minutes to sew the ribbon on. I've got pretty mad sewing skills provided the only requirement is a straight stitch.


I dare someone to leave a towel on the floor. I just dare them.

Let there be peace in my house! I 'surprised them' with my new gift, then explained carefully why they won't want to use each other's towels. Their smiles sort of faded for a second as they thought about it <insert silent maniacal laugh>, then they gathered themselves and faked a hug and thank you for my thoughtful gift. They know I mean business but are too afraid to confirm. 

I almost went to my closet to cry laughing. 
Color coded towels people. Flush out the slob, or they may simply start putting their own *!@! away.
Either way, its a win-win.

If you like the hooks, let me save you the trouble - you can find them HERE>>

Little keepsakes tucked away


These unassuming little treasures belong to my youngest, my sweet boy, and they are etched on my heart forever.

His first ultrasound.
His generic but sweet little hospital hat.
Wisps of bright blonde curls.
His Finnish pacifiers and seahorse from our special trip together when he was just 3 months.
These are the things I cherish.

I can still see him in his hospital issued cap, still feel his soft hair running through my fingers and I remember like it was yesterday trying to shelter him in an astounding downpour as we ducked into a little hut selling handmade seahorses.

I'm going to dig out my other children's treasures and post again, a photo like this. I'm curious what memories will come flooding back.

I'd love to see what other moms have tucked away of their little babes. I hope you will share with me. I can never get enough of babies and birth stories.

What little treasures have you tucked away?

If you're an instagrammer, show me your little treasures using #freshouttakes_littletreasures.
Or, go to our Facebook page and post your photo there.

I'd be so honored to see your treasures, I'll even private/direct message you a special code worth 20% off at if you'd like.

Just let me know in the comments.

New Year's Notes


One of our kids came home from school with an empty jar and instructions to fill it with memories, hopes and wishes over the year 2016. The jar is supposed to be a time capsule of goodness that we can look back on, next New Year's Eve.

I love this idea, so I made some note cards that our kids will use throughout the year and that you can download and print for yourself if you'd like! I always find that a little color and creativity brings out the best in their intentions.

Feel free to click on the image or link below to access the PDF file. Simply download and print.
Here's to a fun filled and hopeful New Year!

Adorable ABC's!


It's time to teach my baby boy (not a baby) his A-B-C's!

I'm kind of excited that we are expanding from wild games of cars and trucks to a few more structured learning activities. I love the excitement in his eyes when he knows he's learning something new, pointing and repeating with such enthusiasm! 

And let's be cute are these cards?

I finally found an adorable set of alphabet cards to mount on the walls - that even I love to look at. 
I know they aren't primary colors (tisk-tisk) but I'd rather not. Since I have almost no control over the hair raising volume around here, the least I deserve is to pick my preferred color palette. I absolutely adore these illustrations and for those who want eco chic, they are printed with soy ink and are on recycled card stock.

I had to re-position them about 149 times, so I used Scotch removable mounting putty -it makes it all possible without damaging the cards or my wall.

If you like these as much as I do, let me save you the trouble! I found these alphabet cards on Amazon HERE >>
The putty can be found HERE >>

If you want to see all of the other adorable designs by Children Inspire Design, take a look at their website; I think we need the number cards now...

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

Thank you for your continued patronage and support - and I wish you a fantastic 2016!

by mlekoshi