Adorable ABC's!


It's time to teach my baby boy (not a baby) his A-B-C's!

I'm kind of excited that we are expanding from wild games of cars and trucks to a few more structured learning activities. I love the excitement in his eyes when he knows he's learning something new, pointing and repeating with such enthusiasm! 

And let's be cute are these cards?

I finally found an adorable set of alphabet cards to mount on the walls - that even I love to look at. 
I know they aren't primary colors (tisk-tisk) but I'd rather not. Since I have almost no control over the hair raising volume around here, the least I deserve is to pick my preferred color palette. I absolutely adore these illustrations and for those who want eco chic, they are printed with soy ink and are on recycled card stock.

I had to re-position them about 149 times, so I used Scotch removable mounting putty -it makes it all possible without damaging the cards or my wall.

If you like these as much as I do, let me save you the trouble! I found these alphabet cards on Amazon HERE >>
The putty can be found HERE >>

If you want to see all of the other adorable designs by Children Inspire Design, take a look at their website; I think we need the number cards now...

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