Color coded towels, my secret weapon


Any mom with 5 kids has a playbook I wanna see. After tripping over yet another soaking wet towel left on the floor, I thought of my pal who bought each of her boys different colored towels to figure out who the slob was.

Now, I'm battling the pre-teen slob. Or is it the girly girl who can't be bothered to hang up her own clothes or towel? I'm not sure, so I'm borrowing that brilliance above and I've created the best 'trojan horse' gift for my kids...color coded towels. 

<insert maniacal laugh here >

I started with these adorable little hooks I found by accident at Target (as if there's any accident about being at Target, pshaw).
One animal for each kiddo. Next, selecting ribbon to sew into a loop for the hanging. Thanks to Ben Franklin's pay by the yard I could grab a slough and make my decision peacefully at home.

 * I gave each child their own ribbon color, neatly sewn onto the towels.* 

A permanent identification card if you will. 

This took all of about 15 minutes to sew the ribbon on. I've got pretty mad sewing skills provided the only requirement is a straight stitch.


I dare someone to leave a towel on the floor. I just dare them.

Let there be peace in my house! I 'surprised them' with my new gift, then explained carefully why they won't want to use each other's towels. Their smiles sort of faded for a second as they thought about it <insert silent maniacal laugh>, then they gathered themselves and faked a hug and thank you for my thoughtful gift. They know I mean business but are too afraid to confirm. 

I almost went to my closet to cry laughing. 
Color coded towels people. Flush out the slob, or they may simply start putting their own *!@! away.
Either way, its a win-win.

If you like the hooks, let me save you the trouble - you can find them HERE>>

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