Little keepsakes tucked away


These unassuming little treasures belong to my youngest, my sweet boy, and they are etched on my heart forever.

His first ultrasound.
His generic but sweet little hospital hat.
Wisps of bright blonde curls.
His Finnish pacifiers and seahorse from our special trip together when he was just 3 months.
These are the things I cherish.

I can still see him in his hospital issued cap, still feel his soft hair running through my fingers and I remember like it was yesterday trying to shelter him in an astounding downpour as we ducked into a little hut selling handmade seahorses.

I'm going to dig out my other children's treasures and post again, a photo like this. I'm curious what memories will come flooding back.

I'd love to see what other moms have tucked away of their little babes. I hope you will share with me. I can never get enough of babies and birth stories.

What little treasures have you tucked away?

If you're an instagrammer, show me your little treasures using #freshouttakes_littletreasures.
Or, go to our Facebook page and post your photo there.

I'd be so honored to see your treasures, I'll even private/direct message you a special code worth 20% off at if you'd like.

Just let me know in the comments.

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