10 ways my party was better than anything on Pinterest


10 ways my Minion party was better than anything on Pinterest

1. Easy
2. Cheap
3. Fast set-up
4. Cheerful colors (not just yellow and blue)
5. Super simple food prep
6. "In the Summertime" by Mungo Jerry
7.  Kids love and laugh at this part of the movie
8. Super funny photo opportunites
9. Easy clean up!
10. Not yet seen on Pinterest!

It was Thursday and by Saturday I needed to throw my 3 year old's birthday party who is obsessed with Minions. Naturally I did what any good parents does...I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. After about 5 minutes I had Minion fatique, was Pinterest paralyzed and developed a mild case of turrets. 

I had to dumb this down, fast. I thought of a funny clip from the movie - the one where all the minions stupidly run after the ice cream truck only to get sucked into it by a giant cone and plopped down on a tropical island. And there it was: tropical island minion party!

Is there anything funnier than a toddler, wearing a lay and crazily drinking from a coconut? Please. 


So here's what I bought at the party store:
Party hats
1 inflatable palm tree
Hawaiian plastic lays
Minion photo prop kit
2 tissue paper pineapples
Minion eye cupcake toppers
Coconut Cup for birthday boy
Crepe Paper (4' blue, 4' yellow) 
1 roll yellow wrapping paper for table runner
1 package of umbrella toothpicks (paper parasols)
1 package Hawaiian paper plates and napkins

Cupcake mix
Cupcake liners
Juice boxes and water

I rolled the yellow wrapping paper down the center of our table, taping it at each end, then sprinkled the colorful lays and pineapples on top. Each tropical paper plate had one minion cupcake with umbrella and the coconut cup was placed at the birthday boy's seat.

I taped the blue crepe paper from the baseboard up, then taped the yellow above it for sunny sky. I placed the inflatable tree to the side and put the photo props in a bucket. The kids of course knew what to do and made all the photo magic just playing and behaving like minions, minus the fart gun.

After 12 years of throwing birthday parties I'm finally figuring it out.

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