Encouraging sibling bonds


Their bedroom door is covered in a sea of photos, each picture chosen by our oldest, printed at home and then carefully glued on.

Encouraging the sibling bonds of 3 completely different children can be daunting to me sometimes which is why this project seemed so important. Everyone who walks down the hallway gets a constant reminder of the LOVE they share and the JOY they've experienced together.  

We have those old dreaded wooden doors from the 80's, you know the hollow - handle is too high kind? I'd love to replace them, but the trouble is that we also have a destructive toddler in the house. Solid core, freshly painted doors sound absolutely dreamy, but truth be told, those doors would turn me into a psycho who is constantly paranoid that every hot wheel I hear racing down the hallway could potentially scratch or nick my newly upgraded, pristine doors.

This siblings-photo-bonding-door was a much better idea. It was an easy project, selecting photos and trimming them together was actually fun because they couldn't help but relive all the fun, retelling the events and what they were feeling on that day. Ironically, every photo was 'the best day ever'. 

I get a lot of funny reactions to this door and a lot of questions because people think it was hard to create, but it wasn't!

Here are 5 things to help it look well balanced:

1. Print many different sizes of photos

2. Keep a slight white trim around each image to define its space (we forgot to on some)

3. Glue up the biggest photos first and use the smaller ones to fill in gaps (use matte mod podge)

4. Stand back every now and then to take a look...it helps to decide which should be glued on next

5. Only put the glue on the back until it's complete, then seal with one solid coat over entire door

This sibling photo door is pure JOY for all of us!

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