No technology allowed on roadtrips


It may seem harsh, but I don't allow technology (unless for music) during road trips.

It may sound cliche but our adventures and road trips are absolutely about the journey, not the destination. Sometimes, we have never even gotten to our destination in which case I'm glad I have the rules I do - because it helps my kids learn to enjoy the journey and enjoy the moment.

The deer above, I spotted as we bombed down a two lane highway shortcut that we found on our paper map. I thought I was so clever to have been on the lookout for some perfectly camouflage deer, but I was quickly upstaged by my eagle eyed kids in the back!

They spotted 13 deer bedded down in a huge field from the backseat of the car!

So I cheer to my harsh rule about no technology in the car, because if their heads had been down instead of up they never would have known about the deer. It was one of those thrilling moments where they held their breath with excitement and nearly burst when they hopped out of the car. Luckily they were able to contain themselves and were quiet as mice and moved so stealth like that it was making me laugh. We must have spent a good 15 minutes on the side of the road in total awe at the wildlife around us.

As we watched the deer, my older two started hypothesizing as to why the deer would be laying there for so long. Apparently one of the Netflix movies we watched, "The Secret Life of Deer" explained all of this - so my pint size experts filled me in.

No technology in the car, especially on road trips is a rule I'm keeping and that my kids completely appreciated on this day!

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