True happiness comes at the weirdest times


True happiness comes at the weirdest times. The kids and I were driving home from Leavenworth the other day through Blewett Pass and the semi driver behind me kept getting dangerously close to us.
I was actually starting to feel panicked because all of the areas to pull off the highway were whizzing by us as I was desperately trying to increase the distance between us. The kids, whose eyes are so much better than mine, were all actively looking ahead to spot a reasonable place to duck off the highway when finally my son shouted "there mom! up ahead is a wide road!" After we gained some distance by accelerating up a hill a bit faster than he could I was at last able to safely pull off the highway.

Phew. My nerves were shot. It had been raining so hard as the semi was tailing us, but when I pulled over it had cleared up.

I immediately got out of the car and walked around to calm my nerves. Realizing that my kids could probably use a good stretch too, I motioned for them to go ahead and get out of the car.  I noticed that they too were relieved to be away from the madman in that semi.

The road we turned off of was completely empty, was a mass of loose, round gravel and was very wide. In every direction we turned there were huge open spaces, vast amounts of land, unpopulated and absolutely calm. It was at that moment I looked over at my littlest one, dressed in the most obnoxious bright colors with his hood over his head, pointing at the trees, the clouds, and searching for cows.

I think we all noticed him at the same time because there was a collective laugh, and a giggle that seemed to release all of the previous tension. The air was so crisp that it actually felt cleansing.
In that moment, listening to my big kids laugh and my littlest minion start counting trees I felt truly happy. There was nothing at all extraordinary about this moment, but I hugged my kids and knew that I wanted to remember it forever.

I don't have any real point here, just that I want to remind all of my friends out there to embrace these weird moments so that you too can recognize them for what they are - blessings and true happiness!

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