Beach combing in a PNW storm, literally


As a follow up to my last blog post and prompt to encourage everyone to get outside for a great low tide weekend, I failed to notice what my oldest already knew...we were expected to have a very serious wind storm. I wish he'd told this ditz before we left for the beach on Sunday. But, all in all it was an absolutely terrific time, safe and full of adventure!

Here are the pictures to prove it!
We found a city of sea snails.
The foreman barking orders at daddy.
Poor seagull thought he could relax with the beach to himself.
Absolutely drenched but exhilarated!

Experiencing the incredible, raw force of nature left quite an impression on these two. As parents we don't want our children to learn to be fearful of nature but rather have a profound respect for its unpredictable and unyielding power. Gale force winds have a way of teaching that. (wink)

My littlest man was smart and stayed in his smooth sea cave sheltered from the wind waiting for me to come back and boil some water for his hot chocolate!

He loves me more when he knows hot chocolate is brewing.

Sharing some hot chocolate and warm apple crisp before we headed home - cheers!

This day was a memorable adventure and full of surprises. There was no shortage of sea snails, crabs, high winds, beautiful scenery, sea caves, tons of laughter and ended on a high note with some warmth in our tummy's and a quick change into dry clothes. That's beach combing in a Pacific Northwest storm!

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