Family fun: Explore Low Tide this weekend!


Exploring low tide is one of our favorite family activities with the added bonus of learning! I wrote a more complete blog post back in July if you'd like to take a look:

This weekend is one of the best 2 days for exploring in Washington State this month because the low tide time of day is realistic for weekend exploring.

Simple tip:
If you want to have a great day exploring low tide, take a look at your local areas tidal charts and try to find a day where the 'L' number is as close to zero or -0. Low tide occurs twice a day. Reviewing the tidal chart will help you find a time of day that's realistic for your family adventure.

Click here for Low Tide Charts for Washington State. On the tidal chart webpage you'll be able to click on the area you'd like to explore and get accurate times to plan your day.

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Have a fun and safe weekend!!!

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