Free Family Fun; Bellevue Botanical Gardens and the "Gnome Home"


After all the garden goodness last week, my birthday girl decided to spend the day exploring the beautiful botanical gardens in Bellevue. This garden is open to the public and has a wonderful walking path that takes the visitor past not only gorgeous plant life, but waterfalls, ponds, bridges and a very whimsical 'gnome home'.

No joke. There's a gnome home. A tiny little cellar door built into the side of a garden and beside a great tree.

There's plenty of room for toddlers to run around without causing any harm to the plant life.

The gnome home was originally the previous owner's root cellar but now, children enjoy knocking at the door in hopes someone will answer.

My kids begged me to ask the gardener what was inside the door, "for real", but even the gardeners are devoted to keeping the magic alive. He looked me straight in the eye and with a great poker face replied "ma'am the gnomes live there and only come out at night to plant weeds".

I heard the distinct huff of disappointment from somewhere behind me. Hahahaha.

Knock, knock.

Pro tip:
If you have a toddler (like me), bring a bottle of bubbles in case you need to distract them!

The Bellevue Botanical Gardens address:
12001 Main Street
Bellevue, WA  98005

(425) 452-2750

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