The Secret Garden Birthday Party


Birthday traditions for our kids is all about the birthday morning that they wake up. They go to bed with excited anticipation about how the house will be decorated on their special day because its always a surprise. I admittedly go to lengths to show my kids that their day of birth is absolutely a celebration and I want them the feel incredibly loved.

After the joy of The Secret Garden book and movie, I decided I would go with that theme for my sweet girl. This was one of those parenting moments where I knew I had to let go of how I would like to see it decorated and instead, give her what she would find amazing...right down to the gawdy lace, fine china tea cups and intricate silverware.

This gorgeous rose gold silverware (though plastic) was not planned at all - I stumbled on it at Michael's. I couldn't believe my eyes how perfectly it would go with her Secret Garden theme.

She asked for a four layer cake, thinking that I would never make such a thing. I opted for the easy way out and simply made boxed cake...because time is not plentiful and I had so much decorating to do. So, 2 boxes of cake mix and 3 tubs of frosting all cobbled together to make this whimsical cake. The flowers are gently laid in the lip of the cake plate. In order to keep my cake layers from toppling over I put three small skewers through the cake layers.

The leaves with birthday wishes, kind words and memories of her birth were scattered all over the floor by each of us.
I'm thrilled that my kids get more pleasure out of this experience than they do from receiving gifts, because I do give them that option but they always want their special birthday morning surprise! (and a small gift)

Here are the details in case you think you may want to recreate something like this, and I always have a budget and reuse in mind. I was lucky enough to walk into Michael's during a 50% off sale and the rest was salvaged from fabrics around the house and simply stretching everything I purchased as smart as I could.

Fake florals; ivy, peonies, roses, fillers and dangly things & ivy.
Ombre paper packs in pink/orange, orange/yellow, and green/blues
Fairy and fox/squirrel garden decor
Giant fake skeleton key
Small fake skeleton keys
Satin ribbon
Ornate pink blush plastic utensil pack sold near the baking goods
Pink beads for cake topping

Wire wastebasket from spot isle

Ornate tea cups (only about $1.99 ea.)
Small picnic basket
Glass cake platter

Fabric Store:
Burlap for a runner and to stuff into wire wastebasket (because you can shape the stems through to hold)

I had exactly enough burlap to cover the table surface, then laid 1 yard of lace (fake cheap lace) diagonally (this is all for texture). Place another folded, crumpled burlap into the wastebasket and begin weaving the dangling flowers through the outside of the basket to hold each one in place. After that I simply bent a few stems and placed the rest of the flowers inside.
I strung our Christmas lights around the strands of ivy (4 x 4' long ivy) and hung it loosely over our ceiling fan so that it hung low to create a little magical ambiance. The picnic basket was used as a gift box so I filled it with her new garden seed packs and hung the giant key with a satin ribbon from the handle. The ornate tea cups were placed at random on the table with small fake skeleton keys for decoration and detail. Unfinished birdhouses that were laying around our house were sprinkled on the table and hung from the lamp. The last key element was the paper butterflies and leaves. I took my paper to Ben Franklin and used their amazing die cutting rollers to create 3 different shaped butterflies using my multi color packs. I taped all of those beautiful shapes on the walls and fireplace and watched the room come to life. The leaves were scattered all over the floor after we each had filled out as many as we could with birthday wishes and kind words for our very loved little girl.

She was floored.
Naturally, we spent the afternoon exploring the nearby botanical gardens!

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  1. This is just stunning. You are SO creative! Will you please do my next party?!


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