The Secret Garden book and movie


The Secret Garden is one of my favorite books from my childhood so I had to share it with my kids. I was checking out at Michael's and it was only $1! I know it's a condensed version, but for my reader it was the perfect level.

Start to finish it took 3 bedtimes and I made sure to end each night on a hook so that she'd be excited to hear more, and she was. On the evening we finished I surprised her that I had ordered the movie from Amazon and it would arrive after school the next day - which was Friday, a perfect night for a movie.

Reading a new book and then following up with the available movie has been more fun than I ever anticipated. They love it, I love it and it provides a great chance to discuss what we liked about the book versus the movie - as you could probably guess, the book always wins! The poor movies never stand a chance. *wink, wink

I bought the book above at Michael's $1 (a condensed version)

If anyone has suggestions for book/movie combos, please, I'd love to hear!

Here's links to this movie and book if you're interested...let me save you the trouble.
The Secret Garden movie from Amazon 
The Secret Garden Books from Amazon

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