Free photo prints!


I love to see our photos in print, to get to pass them around and giggle and laugh at all of the fun memories we've made. Our kids definitely are growing up in a digital age so this is new and exciting and it's almost as foreign to them as going digital is for me.

I was so happy to score this promotional print set from Artifact Uprising via Chris Burkard's instagram shout out. The promotion was for a set of 25, 5x5 square prints and they arrived only 3 days after I placed my order. Bonus.

Make connections via your instagram account, it truly is a community and in this particular case I wouldn't have known about it unless my good friend, @viewfromtherecoverytrail had mentioned it.

Also, keep tuned to your favorite company social media channels to score great offers. It's always nice to be able to try something for free or reduced rate the first time!

Artifact Uprising website and social media channels will have all current promotions like this one.

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