The best birthday gift for a tween...



No, but seriously...I've always enjoyed the challenge of finding the right gift for the people I love and I used to think that it was anything BUT money. Since having a pre-teen, I am quickly realizing that I don't actually know what my child wants all the time. It seems to change day-to-day, so I figured that the time has come to just hit the ATM and concede defeat!

I rolled $1 bills and slid them into each and every balloon that filled his bedroom floor. It took him about 5 minutes to realize that there was something in them. Being probably the most polite of my offspring, he was thanking me for "decorating" his room for his birthday (probably while dying a silent death of disappointment) when he finally translated what his 3 year old brother had been saying over and over  - "m-o-n-e-y".

Since our little guy is home with me during the day, he was witness to my hour long dollar bill rolling, balloon stuffing, hyperventilating labor of love and was desperately trying to articulate it to his big brother so that they could figure a way to get the money OUT! It didn't take long. It was a very loud five minutes of constant explosions and laughter and then a near silent, serious collection and calculation of one dollar bills. It totally hit the spot.


Pinterest is still king for ideas like this.

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