Home decor with special meaning


The white ceramic balls in this basket each have a number or letter on them, and usually are safely together in a glass jar away from little hands. On this day however, my littlest wanted to see them so they are rolling around on the gentle surface of this woven basket.

As I slowly work on transforming our house into our home I am always on the lookout for little treasures like these. Upon first glance they're pretty unassuming, but...if you know our family you would begin to see the method to my madness. I found these at the Common Folk Co store and searched high and low, deep in the boxes for each family members initial and birth date. 

I love groupings en masse and these provide double duty. To the untrained eye they may simply be interesting to look at, but to me they represent all of the people I love so dearly! I think it is so important to decorate purposefully and try hard to incorporate the little treasures that hold a memory or display found items that remind you of something or someone that you love!

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by mlekoshi