How my childhood influenced my design preferences and product line


This gorgeous color is the root cause of my design preferences. 

My family spent a considerable amount of my childhood on our boat in the San Juan Islands and I feel certain that the water, particularly the salt water, has had a lasting affect on me. I feel irrationally happy when I can be near the ocean, smell the salty air or hear the waves lapping on the beach.

I can tell in my home decor choices, jewelry and even my product development, that the colors from my childhood memories on the water have influenced me greatly.

Take a look at the beautiful image of Deception Pass above and then see my favorite binder colors for my own product line. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. 
Binder colors: Aqua, Navy, Apple

"...we got the Sealife one with a blue cover. It's so gorgeous. It's going to be an heirloom..."
(a very kind customer comment from BabyCenter website)

Ironically, the first baby album that I designed for Fresh Outtakes, which has become my best seller, is named 'Sealife'.  The Sealife baby album is filled with bright images of sea creatures and can be paired with any binder color available.

Fresh Outtakes baby albums can be purchased at:

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