Ordinary or extraordinary moments?


Documenting life's unscripted moments, is the trade mark of my business, Fresh Outtakes baby albums, but even more than that, it is my passion.

The small, ordinary moments that happen every day are without question the moments that I cherish the most. I want to capture these moments in photos and words so that I'll be able to see them again and so that I can share with my children our story, together. My hope is that their baby album will not only be a fun narrative of their early years, but that it will also serve as a reminder of their individuality and of our unconditional love. Moments become memories very quickly, and I don't want to risk time erasing them away - hence, 'documenting life's unscripted moments'.

In the picture above, we were talking quietly, laughing at his silliness as he plunged his little hand down my shirt like toddlers do all over the world I'm sure. His post nap affection is my absolute favorite. He usually bursts out of his room yelling for me in his low, husky voice. Then, he takes my hand and we walk to 'my spot' on the couch to snuggle until he feels ready to face the world.

Moments like this, though seemingly mundane, are some of my absolute favorites. I don't ever want to forget what it feels like to hold his soft, chubby hand, to see the trust in his sleepy blue eyes as I lift him onto my lap, or feel the warmth of his small body curled up to mine. I wish I could record his rough, scratchy voice as we head down the hall, or his growing giggles as he slowly accelerates up to full mischievousness, every single day.

My desire to hold on tight to these moments, is the reason why I created a line of baby albums in the first place. The pages in these books hold the images and the stories that I cherish. It is the vehicle for me to tell my child their own unique story. I never want to risk forgetting any of it. This is my most humble labor of love.

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