The most authentic boys keepsake album


Before my children were even born,  I swore to myself that I would try my hardest not to place any gender bias onto them regardless of whether they were boys or girls. I laugh at myself now because life would teach me very quickly that some things were simply inevitable and absolutely in keeping with gender driven ideology, and those gender assumptions were not all bad or oppressive.

Like many other moms, I never taught my boys how to be rough or make car engine noises, yet I would hear them day after day revving engines and screeching tires. Their race cars sounded fast and I would hear gears shifting and levers cranking for their larger work vehicles. They knew they were good too because they thoroughly enjoyed causing me to pull over thinking their was an emergency vehicle behind me. A little too life like for me, but still, I found it impressive.

So, over time,  I conceded defeat and created the most gender specific keepsake album design that I NEVER thought I was capable of, "Vintage Vehicles".

"I love this one" (from our youngest)
This album was especially fun to create because my first son was already 4 years old and was able to come with me as I searched for the best vintage vehicles for this album. As we shopped, I waited to see his face light up with excitement and then I knew it was the right one.

Every vehicle I photographed for this album was an original, made in the U.S.A., vintage vehicle. When I say that these keepsake albums are "made in U.S.A." it is the absolute full truth from concept to creation. I am so proud of this colorful and fun boys keepsake album!

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