This baby album goes WAY past the baby stages


Baby albums are an essential for me as a mom, but baby's grow...and I wanted to document the moments that followed with as much enthusiasm as I did when each of my children were brand new.

I created Fresh Outtakes baby albums to be more like a celebration of the early years, baby, toddler and early school life. In fact, my oldest was already 5 years old when I created these albums and so I was able to cruise through filling his out, which was surprisingly fun.

One of my favorite pages was the 'Grow Baby Grow' page because I saw how each month brought small changes in his expression, how he began to smile, how he started to shy away, how he began to show wonder and at last at the one year mark, his personality was shining through!

Filling out the 'All about Mom and Dad' page was important to me because I want my kids to be able to recognize that we (us, the mom and dad) were individuals before they were born, that we were a couple who fell in love, went on adventures, enjoyed actual hobbies before their cute little selves made their entrance into the world.

I chose to dig deep into the archives for a pre-baby photo of us together which was a bit of a challenge as I discovered we really were buried under children's photos! We looked so young...(boo-hoo), a reminder to both of us that we needed to get out more together, but I digress, the page was a nice way to reminisce for a moment about the fun times we had. I've seen how our older kids read this page, hanging onto every, little, detail. I can tell now that it was an important addition to their story and I'm so glad I managed to find a place for it in the keepsake album.

Another favorite page is the celebration pages that include not just birthdays, but Halloween and religious celebrations. Looking at these funny costume pictures from birth to 6 years old is always a crack up. Year after year I can see how my little man began to influence his Halloween costumes by what he was fascinated with at the time - from the skunk, to a UPS driver! Our son gets a kick out of it too - he often sits and thumbs through his book, in awe of his utter cuteness (total bias of course).

Again, expanding beyond the baby years makes this album such a time capsule of our children's lives. I can't wait to get moving on some more pages for them to read!

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