Using nature to teach life lessons


Nature, is my greatest teaching aide.

My kids are very visual people when it comes to learning and the hands on approach and real world examples help life lessons sink in for them. Here is just one lesson, taught through nature last weekend, but reinforced every single time we find a very still body of water.


Every time we disrupt still water like this I have to remind our kids of 'the ripple effect' in life. I start the conversation about how our action and reactions effect the people around us, our world and those we love. I think that simply tossing a rock into a pond like this can sometimes illustrate my point better than my own words can.

I'm always amazed at how even though we've had this same conversation a million times, they still listen to me patiently, and they relate and reflect with examples of the ripple effect from their own personal experiences. Sometimes their examples are from school, sometimes from home, and when we wrap up these conversations I usually turn to see my husband standing there patiently indulging me in this teaching moment. Secretly, I even turn the lecture onto myself, silently reflecting on my own missteps and occasionally on my finer moments. Regardless, nature continues to teach us all, big and little, about life, respect and how we impact this world.

Parenting is rough sometimes, I struggle to find the right words, age appropriate examples and so on, and so on. Fortunately what I have discovered is that nature is one of the best teachers of all, providing me with moments like the one above. I feel fortunate to have nature as a teaching aide and will humbly accept all the help I can get, wherever it comes from. 

Location: Gold Creek Pond, Washington
Fun fact: The colors are not enhanced in the photos - it really is that amazing in person!

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