Do you pose your kids for photos?


I get asked all the time whether or not I pose my kids for the photos I take.


Unless it's for our Christmas card (and even then...I try not to) I don't have the patience to attempt such a task, nor do I think it will ever give me the true emotions that I'm trying so hard to capture. What I've learned from taking pictures of my own kids over the years, is that its best if I'm behind the scenes, stalking them like a cougar on the prowl. If they sense my presence or even get a whiff of my intentions all I get is cheesy, toothy smiles, or worse...glares.

I was ready for that smile above. After pretending to be disinterested in the farm (to his dismay)...I had turned my camera on, light balanced and was ready for his reaction to feeding a goat for the first time. Jackpot. True excitement and genuine joy.

My advice to the parents who've humbled me with compliments and who are genuinely trying to take better photos of their kids, is this: use your instinct to predict what your child is about to do! You know them best. Nine times out of ten, I bet you know exactly when they'll give up that money shot.
And remember, a perfect photo does not necessarily mean crystal clear, all hairs in place - that's not going to make you as happy as capturing true emotion. Don't stress...have fun with the process and work on that stealthy mode.

these guys were taking an intentional new year's photo like we always do, a tradition, but the little guy wasn't having it and in their efforts to get him interested, the best picture of all came to life - I don't care if one of them is faceless, look at the fun!

Remember: Prep your camera ahead of time and be ready *before* the moment, rather than scrambling as its happening. Good luck!

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