Don't forget to // TURN // your polarizing filter


A polarizing filter for me, is like having a secret weapon when photographing in the hours of direct sun, especially when I'm near water. Since I don't have much time for retouching photos, I try to get my images as good as possible in the moment. 

I find that we are often in the direct sunlight and near water, so I've got to have my polarizing filter on to get images like the one above. But, there's one thing that I must remember...turn! 

Polarizing filters are threaded onto the end of the lens and are meant to be turned so that we can cut down on the glare - however - if its in the wrong position it can turn your photo into exactly what you don't want. So, the lesson is...don't forget to check the filter when you move to a different angle or position! Turn, turn, turn, until you see what you want.

Here's the difference:

(left) before I turned the filter     ||    (right) after I positioned it to maximize the true color
There's a misconception that a polarizing filter is for darkening images taken in the sun, but that's not exactly accurate. You may need to click up one or two on your exposure, but it's actually intended to sort out the sun's rays and is particularly magical at increasing saturation.

Cambridge In Colour  has an extensive explanation of polarizing filters as well as before and afters illustrating the work of this amazing filter.

Tip: you don't have to spend much and the reward will be well worth it.
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Good Luck!

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