Souvenirs aren't just for kids


Souvenirs aren't just for kids...they're for us too.

I believe passionately in supporting small and local shops in every town we visit if possible and especially when we've been fortunate enough to enjoy our stay. When I think of souvenirs the first thing that comes to mind are key chains and magnets that I know I'll want to toss in the garbage in less than a week, so I've come up with my own strategy.

I offer to buy our kids a bag of 'local candy or ice cream' and I buy a souvenir that fulfills a need! That way my purchase will have longevity because who really has money to burn? I won't have buyers remorse and I'll be reminded of the fun we had from whatever town that souvenir originated. The last souvenir I bought for myself was this colorful dishtowel in a print I've not seen in any big stores at home. I love it, and every time I see it hanging there I think of the hours I spent running in the ocean with my kids, and the cute boutique it came from. 

This colorful dishtowel came from the town of Port Gamble, Washington and is handmade in the U.S.A.

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