"You don't have to be a badass, just get off your ass and get out there"


One of the best quotes I've read lately was from Heather, on her Instagram account @hdavis2220 who said:

"You don't have to be a badass, just get off your ass and get out there"

That is one of my favorite lines, and the motto we adhere to in our house. My husband and I don't always know what we're doing or how we're supposed to do it when it comes to family adventures, so we try to learn as we go by asking a lot of questions and reading as much as we can find before we take off.  REI has been our go-to for questions about gear, especially when we found an employee who was also a parent of small kids. We utilize the www.wta.org website a lot, using their hike finder as well as reading the most current trip reports especially in the winter. Instagram has also been a nice resource to actually SEE what the destinations look like.

Our pictures may have people fooled, but seriously, we're just trying to get out there and make memories. We cringe at some of the stupid mistakes we've made in the past as we tried to venture out beyond our comfort zones in nature, but over the course of time we continue to learn, and grow, and make amazing memories for our family.

No bathing suits, no problem.
(Mirror Lake, Washington)

Gear does not have to cost a fortune...clearance parkas from REI, $40 snowshoes from Costco, $10 sled from drug store, and a school backpack stuffed with essentials. Definitely not badass, but it got the job done.
(snow shoe/ski trail near Lake Kachess, Washington)

I suppose I would call this post, 'a call to action' in the hope that it motivates some other family, who isn't quite sure they're badass enough. Remember that quote above; "you don't have to be a badass, just get off your ass and get out there". You can do it.

Washington Trails Association website has a great hike finder so that you can set parameters to find the best hike or trail for you. It also is full of members who regularly login to share recent trips on each trail and the corresponding conditions of the trail as well as current photos. This is extremely helpful during the winter and spring months. Look in your state for sites like this.

REI offers a ton of free classes, July 30th - 31st. Look here to find some in your area:
>> REI Outdoor classes

Buy the gear you want when it's OFF SEASON

Costco is a great resource for affordable seasonal gear.

Online community resources:
Take a look at a few of my favorite Instagram accounts that focus on family getting outside and offer practical and fun tips on how to do it and where to go. Click through to where the featured photo comes from and that will connect you to even more people who are on this same outdoor journey!





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