Craven Farm, local treasure


Have you ever seen a more picturesque farm? The tractor, the corn maze, the maples in the distance...and what you don't see are the huge hills and mountain in the right hand corner just out of frame.

The drive to Craven Farm is as beautiful as the farm itself. On the morning of our visit the entire drive was in a thick fog, which oddly enough created a magical feel as the road would wind gently past big red barns and quiet pastures. If it weren't for the chirping from the backseat, I'd say it was down right peaceful.

By 10 o'clock it had burned off and revealed an absolute splendor of color. If you love taking photos as much as I do, you'll feel like a kid in a candy store - and - if you're as lucky as we were you'll be met by this ornery feathered fella.

Go and see this farm, it's worth the drive all the way to Snohomish. I promise.

The corn maze is open late on Friday nights!!!
Friendly goats, a sheep, kittens and bunnies.
Tons of stable objects to play on and around like the shipwreck in the background or a retired pick up truck.
Stroller friendly fields! And even more important, clean port-a-potty's and proper outdoor sinks with soap and towels.

Craven Farm website >>

Located at:
13817 Shorts School Road
Snohomish, WA 98290

Open daily 9:30 - 6:30 in October
Have fun!!!

Handmade Halloween Owls


 "Can you make me a snow owl? And can I have a baby snow owl too?"
Here goes to another handmade costume. Made of fleece and felt from JoAnn Fabric, these were two very warm kiddos out trick-or-treating.

I saw amazing owl costumes on Pinterest of course, then followed the links to here and here. At first, I was SO intimidated, but in reality this was the easiest outfit I have ever made. 
Here's how I did it:
I measured my child's arm length and cut a wing shape out of fleece. Then I took my pre-cut (I cut all the feathers while watching tv the night before) felt feathers and layered them one at a time, no particular pattern. I ran a simple straight stitch, and repeated, over and over and over. Here is what it looked like: (pardon the blurry Iphone photos)


Once I was done with the wings I moved onto the hats.  I cut the hat shape out of fleece so that it would stretch, but used a combination of fleece and felt for the eyes and nose. I sewed on the larger part of the eyes but used a hot glue gun for the pupils and nose.

For my daughters costume I made her a sleeveless shirt out of felt. The felt is so stiff that it helped to hold the weight of the wings. I also quickly sewed in a loop of elastic at the elbow point and wrist and made about a 6" stitch on the collar of the felt shirt for each wing. It seemed to work perfectly.

For my picky toddler I sewed the wings onto a simple t-shirt from Target. It got the job done!
by mlekoshi